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Brand turnkey
How much elaboration of the brand costs?

We can define a brand as a well-known and commercially successful trademark.

Everyday consumers meet the choice: what product to buy or which company to choose – in this case he is not ready to spend a lot of time and go deep into all the features. In such a situation, the brand of a product or solution greatly simplifies the choice.

The brand is developed in order to, firstly, identify the product, the company and create a positive image of the target audience, and secondly, to improve the profitability of the business, and to get more profit from one unit of goods or services.

So, how to develop brands?
Step 1: Marketing Research.
Market research. Analysis of competitors. The target audience survey.

Step 2: Positioning (the basic idea of the brand).
Design features of trademarks (key differences, functional and emotional benefits) which may be used to form subsequent to attract consumers to the future trademark.

Step 3: The Name creation.
3.1. testing of title

Step 4: Registration of trademark (name).

Step 5: Design of the logo.

Step 6: Development of corporate identity attributes.
Corporate Identity includes the basic elements of business documents (business cards/form/envelope/folder).

Step 7: Development of corporate character.

Step 8: Development of packaging.
8.1. Test packing

Step 9: Development of a brandbook.

Step 10: The strategy of promoting the brand.
Action plan for the strategic development of the brand, which includes a list of channels and communication tools with which to be heard the advantage of the brand to the consumer.

Step 11: Development of the advertising concept

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