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International brand
Z&G. Branding offers services for creating an international brand. Entrepreneurs who are actively developing their business and planning to enter the international market are invited to cooperate. For some reason, the company's existing brand may not be suitable for promotion in foreign countries.

The most common problems are the following:
  • a similar trademark is already registered in the market that will be developed;
  • the name has a positioning idea;
  • a word or phrase that is harmonious for Russians may be associated with something unpleasant for residents of other countries.

As for the last point, such situations arise quite often. For example, Mitsubishi Pajero in India, Spain and America (except for Brazil) due to the improper association was renamed the Mitsubishi Montero. For a long time, Coca-Cola's marketers couldn't find the right hieroglyphs to convey the name, so they had to change the sound a little so that the translation wouldn't be ridiculous. The result was "Ko-ku-Ko-Le", which means "a mouthful of happiness". In Russia, Daewoo Calos (literally: "Daewoo Kalos") was renamed as Chevrolet Aveo.

We will be happy to help you create an international brand by rebranding or developing a new brand. We employ a European marketer who is well versed in new trends in the EU market. He is also fluent in several languages. Other Z&G. Patent specialists have extensive experience in registering international trademarks. They are regularly trained by leading experts in Russia and the EU.

Reasons why it is profitable for you to cooperate with Z & G. Branding:
Development of a relevant and "delicious" brand. Thanks to professional work on creating an international organization, the brand will stand out favorably against competitors. That's why consumers will notice you.
The creation of an exclusively legal name. This name will be registered with Rospatent (FIPS) without any problems. Our staff has its own patent attorney. It has up-to-date information and checks for registered trademarks. Services are already included in the cost of development, which allows customers to save up to 100,000 rubles.
Working for results.

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