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Corporate Character
Why do a corporate character needed?

Presently the market is crowded by a competitive products and services. From year to year it becomes more difficult to win in this fight and be able to induce positive emotions, as well as the desired response from the consumers.

To solve these problems and to the creation of firm character.

What does a corporate character do?

Corporate Character – this is one of the key attributes of the brand, which is a powerful advertising tool. It forms the image of the company, helps to stand out from competitors. The unique character is an emotional attachment and consumer confidence in the brand.

Modern brand-name characters easily perform the function of conducting advertising campaigns, making the campaign a bright, lively, efficient, and increasing attention to the brand.

The main advantages of a corporate character:
1. A corporate Character facilitates and "lights up" advertising campaign.

2. The character is remembered to consumer and leaves an emotional attachment and sympathy on a subconscious level.
3 . Development of firm character -effective solution for businesses of all sizes.
4. Building a brand, as well as the construction of the state, starting with the selection of the president, that is a character who will lead the brand.

Advantages Z&G. Branding:
1. Development of a unique brand character. Our professionalism is supported by victories at the prestigious Russian and international competitions such as the "Logolounge" (USA), "Advision Awards" (USA), "IDEA!" (Russia), "MIAF" (Russia).

Z&G. Branding is in TOP-25 in the Russian segment of "brand design" (ACAR-Russian Association of Communication Agencies).

2. One of our strongest advantages – this is the result. We are working on a project as long as the customer does not say "Agreed !" Many simply provide a certain number of options, and then asked to pay! We are working to result!

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