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Presentation development, marketing kit
Z&G Company. Branding provides services for marketing kit creating. A colorful and informative brochure will become your company's presentation passport. It will help to inform potential customers and/or business partners of the brand's capabilities, advantages, and prospects. At the same time, do not forget that such printing promotional material is not a commercial offer.

What principles should be considered to create a unique marketing kit?

Before giving preference to a particular product, each person goes through a stage of choice. It weighs several options for collaboration, considering their strengths and weaknesses. Our specialists will do everything possible to tip the scales in your favor. Each business is unique, so when developing a marketing kit, we never use template methods. Only individual creative solutions allow you to achieve promotion goals:

1. According to the brochure, answer all the questions that a potential client may have during the decision-making process

2. Present the company as a serious market participant whose activities are aimed at meeting the consumers' needs.

3. Focus the reader's attention on the advantages and unique differences specific to your business.

The ready-made marketing kit does not contain general provisions, and all the information is colorfully illustrated. To order such a brochure means to get a trouble-free and reliable tool for business promotion.

An example structure for a printing
As mentioned earlier, there are no two marketing kits that have a similar design. In each case, a special structure is created based on the customer's wishes regarding the content and cost of the brochure. First, we write selling texts, which are then approved. Only after that, the material is designed with excellent graphics, giving it a logical and complete appearance. The brochure may contain the following sections:

  • company information;
  • corporate mission, goals, values;
  • list of categories of products or services;
  • priority product descriptions;
  • information about the company or project in numbers;
  • advantage of cooperation;
  • information about average and VIP clients;
  • awards and achievements;
  • plans for the near future and in the longer term.
Information about prices for the development of an individual marketing kit can be checked with our managers. Specialists will also tell you about the timing of the presentation release.

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