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Logo development
The logo from Z&G.Branding. Original and memorable, it will accurately express the key positioning idea and allow the customer to easily identify your brand.

Think of any brand, whether it's Nike, Apple, or Starbucks. The first thing you think about is the logo, right? If you see a brand name with which you are connected by history, you associate it with these experiences and memories, endow it with life, and begin to feel empathy for the brand.

A successful brand is recognizable

To ensure this quality, you need to create a logo that will attract attention and stay in your memory for a long time. The logo must be bright, original, and effective. It is the dominant component of the corporate identity. If the trademark is positively perceived by consumers, it serves as a certain guarantee of the expected high quality of the product. Creating a logo must also include registration, which protects the logo from unfair competition and allows the copyright holder to defend their rights legally if necessary.

A logo is not just a beautiful image

This is the symbol of your company. People's visual perception is better developed than abstract perception, so a quick glance is more likely to remember a picture than a word. If you combine the image and text, the probability that the name will be remembered increases significantly.

Logo design requirements:
Patent law
Based on these rules, the logo of a company, organization, company, or website must be unique and reliably protected from copying. Therefore, it is mandatory to register with Rospatent. When registering the logo, the possibility of unauthorized use by third-party organizations, as well as individuals, is excluded. The logo becomes the property of the legal rightholder.
Advertising and psychological
The development and production of your own logo aim to solve a specific task: to promote the sale of the product. Therefore, its key features or parameters are stability, originality, and beauty.
Providing conditions for convenient replication, for example, the applying on souvenirs, advertising products or packaging.

A beautiful corporate graphic element is created to reflect the key idea of the brand. It should convey its main advantage and help to increase the cost: such type of design is always carefully thought out based on the conceptual features of a particular organization, or product.
Logo design is a strategy, not an art

Just a beautiful logo is a bad decision for your business. The logo should give your audience enough information to quickly identify your company among numerous competitors. This doesn't mean that the logo should look bad. But the beauty of a logo is always secondary to its effectiveness. When creating a logo, it is important to remember this.

We develop only really effective logos

We start creating a logo by analyzing the business environment. What do your competitors ' brand names look like? The symbols and colors they use are what your target audience already knows and trusts. It is important to find a way to make your logo meet the basic expectations of the audience, but at the same time stand out from the competition. Therefore, the development of the logo should always be preceded by the analytics stage.

A logo is one of the most important elements of a business strategy

The created logo should express the entire essence of the brand in a single image. But it should not be too crowded – both in terms of meaning and from a visual point of view. Otherwise, it will lose its simplicity of perception.

The logo affects the decision-making

The moment a customer looks at your logo, they have already formed a judgment about you. One image can change the way they see you. With a positive perception of the brand by consumers, it serves as a guarantee of the expected product quality.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. If your brand name did not attract the attention of the audience, the moment is lost forever. Saving on logo development will not lead you to the desired point. Nothing is more expensive than a cheap, unsupported design.

The key is simplicity

Your logo should be simple for several reasons. If you try to add as many references and meanings to your logo as possible, it will only confuse your audience. The golden rule of logo design: one logo – one idea.

An important point when developing a logo is the ease of scaling. If your logo is too complex, full of small details, you will lose it all when you reduce the scale of it. Think about your logo in terms of where you are going to place it. You want it to be on your website, on your office, brochures, signage, advertising materials, and much more. The logo will exist in vertical and horizontal format, digitally and offline in a million different ways. If you take care of the simplicity of the brand name in advance, then you will have room for maneuver in its application.

The audience's perceived image of the company. A complex of emotions in the minds of consumers that causes a collision with your company.
Corporate style (identity)
A visual system that allows the audience to identify you and distinguish your brand from your competitors.
Brand mark, the minimum identification element of your brand.
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