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Trademark registration
Z&G Company. Branding provides the service of trademark registration on a turn-key basis. The cost of services already includes all necessary fees and duties. Current registration prices in 2020-2021 can be found at our consultant's toll-free number. All trademark documents are processed under current legislation.

Trademarks serve to individualize the products of registered legal entities and individuals. Concerning services and works, Rospatent uses the term "service mark", which has an absolutely identical meaning according to article 1477 of the civil code of the Russian Federation.

There are various types of brands, but the most common are verbal and visual designations. The first category includes a variety of advertising slogans, such as "Toyota. Manage your dream" or "Maybe she's born with it, Maybe it's Maybelline" The second group includes pictorial designations of objects of various types, shapes, and configurations. For example, all Mercedes cars are decorated with a three-ray star enclosed in a circle. Clothing and accessories from CHANEL are intertwined with two letters "C", one of which is a mirror image of the other.

Legal basis for trademark registration in Russia and abroad

The main legal act regulating the issues of registration of a trade brand in Russia is part IV of civil code No. 230-FZ from 18 December 2006.According to article 1484 of this document, the copyright holder gets the exclusive right to use the brand throughout the country. In so doing, no other person may use similar or related designations without the owner's permission. Companies that plan to carry out foreign economic activities require international registration of the logo and slogan. The procedure is governed by the Madrid Agreement of 14 April 1891 or the Protocol of 28 July 1989. Trademark registration must be performed on the territory of all countries where the goods are imported.
Procedural steps in Russia

  1. Submitting an application for trademark registration. The package of documents must include a statement, a brand designation with a description, a list of products for which it will be used, as well as a receipt for payment of state duty.
  2. Examination of the designation. It is carried out to identify similarities or differences with other brands. The contractor is the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.
  3. Trademark registration. It involves the issuance of a state certificate, which will confirm the rights of the designation owner.
Rules for filling out a trademark registration application
The process of applying for brand registration in Rospatent has many nuances. And ignoring them significantly increases the risk of rejection. This means that money and time will be wasted. Our experts have identified the most common errors that occur when people fill out a document on their own:

  • Making a single application for several brands. By law, a separate application must be made for each trademark.
  • Lack of data. To register a trademark, you will need to enter information about the applicant in the form, including the place of residence or location, drawing, and description of the brand. You will also need to specify a list of products planned for release under the international classification. An application for trademark registration must be signed by the applicant or patent attorney.
  • The lack of annexes. The package of documents for brand registration must include a receipt for payment of the state fee at any bank in Moscow or other locality. If the trademark rights will belong to several persons, then a collective charter will also be required. All documents must be completed in Russian or have a notarized translation.
It should be noted that in the absence of any document, the filing date is the day when the missing paper was transferred to Rospatent. Thus, until the package is formed correctly, the brand does not have legal protection, which can lead to serious losses. Take advantage of our Agency for trademark registration and forget about the paperwork! You can check the current prices with our managers.

Advantages of cooperation with us:
  • minimum terms due to a well-established work scheme;
  • favorable cost of services due to a large number of orders;
  • high competence of specialists, their experience in this field — more than ten years

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