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Landing page
You have decided that your company needs a website, but what should you choose a landing page or a multi-page site? Of course, if you have a large organization that combines several directions, then a landing page will not be enough. But in many cases, you can do with a single-page site that can sell your product to a visitor.

Advantages of landing page:
Rapid development
More requests. Landing focuses the user's attention on the offer and its advantages, so it increases sales.
Developing a landing page is less complicated than developing a multi-page site, which allows you to save your budget when launching a product on the market.
Ease of operation
It is much easier and faster to make changes to landing than to a classic website – even an untrained person can do this. If you have several interesting offers, it might be a good idea to create multiple landing pages that are combined in the same domain. This will allow you to quickly and easily convert users into orders, saving time and effort on the administration of a large site.
Advantages of Z&G. Branding:
Page development in terms of branding and marketing. The competence in the implementation of design ideas is evidenced by numerous victories in prestigious competitions of Russian and international scale. Landing, designed with marketing nuances in mind, attracts more visitors and converts more requests.

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