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How to create a name for a trademark?

Think of a name for a company, product or service? It would seem, what could be easier? Take a piece of paper and wrote a dozen words, choose your favourite and - forward to work!

Of course, everyone is able to come up with a name. But not always the name to be memorable, to cause necessary emotions from the client and help in promoting your product or service.

Why is that?

Because the name is taken into account in the development of a number of serious claims, which can not do without. The requirements in the development of Names:
Patent and legal
The name must not already existing companies and to be protected against copying. The name is checked and registered in Rospatent (FIPS), and then you become the sole owner, and no one else can use your brand.
Advertising and psychological
The name should help to sell your product. It must be:
  • Original – have a distinctive character, easy to read and remember.
  • Laconic – be concise, not overloaded with verbal elements.
  • Aesthetic – be up to date and comprehensive.
  • Stable – to be suitable for long term use.
Phonosematic signs
The name should have an impact on the subconscious level and trigger the desired emotions.
Ph. D. Alexandr Zhuravlev sets the phonosemantic meaning for each sound in Russian speech. He described the sound of Russian speech of 25 scales:
beautiful – repellent, joyful – sad, light – heavy, good – evil, simple – complex, rough – a gentle, courageous – feminine, strong – weak, etc.

Phonosematic scale allow us to estimate the impact of sounds on the mental state of the person. Than it is more marked is the feature - the emotional and unconscious significance of the word.

For example, "Beeline" ( popular mobile provider in Russia) has the following phonosemantic features – a safe, fun, bright, fast, moving, short .

"Lada" (car brand) – terrible, evil, rough, coarse, heavy. Now I understand why we have such a negative attitude to the domestic auto industry, as we have it inherently at a subconscious level.
Positioning of the company
The name must match the basic idea of the brand and its main advantage.
Testing on the name of the target audience (your future customers).
At the moment, these requirements are rarely respected, because it is necessary to involve several specialists – specialist of naming, marketer, linguist, and lawyer (patent attorney), and it is quite a costly procedure.

Z&G.Branding meets the requirements as the company has the necessary specialists.

Nowadays, studies show that the name has great importance for the formation of a holistic image of the brand to the consumer, as it is the most powerful and memorable identifier goods.

Advantages of Z&G. Branding:
  1. The development of professional and 'tasty' names. It will stand out from the competition. As a result, customers will notice you and it will come to you. Our professionals have extensive experience. Undergo continuous training from leading experts in Russia and Europe, which confirms the professionalism of our staff.
  2. Developing a legal title, which will be registered in Rospatent (Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS). The company employs a patent attorney. With this customer gets more current information, and thus can save from 30 000 to 100 000 rubles. Because check the registered trademark is already included in the cost of development.

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