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Why is Brand Book important?
Which problems may arise when company no Brand Book has?

There are a lot of difficulties that may arise in the absence of Brand Book. The most common examples of them are:
  • Improper use of Logo (e.g. in print materials, on souvenirs)
  • Ignorance of the Corporate Font
  • Change of the colors of Corporate Identity
  • Not considering the target audience peculiarities when positioning or during advertising campaign
All these errors occur because of no clear guidance on the use of the Brand and Corporate Identity attributes.

What are the Brand Book and Guidebook ?
Brandbook is a Guide describing the proper use of the brand, brand attributes and promotion strategy. Also, it contains a description of Key Brand Identifiers: statement of the company's mission, main strategic goals, brand values. Usually Brand Book is only to use inside of the company and not available for public.
In addition to Brandbook, Guidebook and Cut Book could be developed. Guidebook comprises the guidance on the practical implementation of corporate identity elements and contains the rules for the construction and use of branding strategy. Cut Book could be defined as a technical guidance.
Brand Book content:
Statement of Mission and Philosophy of the Company
Brand Values

1. Logo
1.1. The main elements of Logo
1.2. Logo allocation, Logo-protection field
1.3. Logo allocation rules

2 . Variants of Logo Usage
2.1. Horizontal single-line layout
2.2. The correlation between the Logo and Address Block.
2.3 . The Logo scale

3. Logo Colour Range, Corporate Colours
3.1. The colours used in Logo
3.2. Corporate colors, background colour
3.3. Impermissible use of Logo
3.4. Monochrome representation of Logo

4 . Corporate Fonts
4.1. Recommendations for the use of fonts
4.2 . The color and font size
4.3. Recommendations for the use of the name in the main text

5 . The Main Element of the Visual Identity

6. The Main Elements of Business Documents
6.1. The gratitude letter

7. Rules for Creation of Advertising Models

8. Corporate Identity in the Clothes of Employees (dress code)
8.1. Sales personnel clothes
8.2 . Warehouse staff clothes
8.3. Badge
8.4. Tie
8.5. Kerchief

9. Business Souvenirs
9.1. CD-ROM (cover and inside elements)
9.2. Invitation
9.3. Postcard
9.4. Baseball cap
9.5. T-shirt
9.6. Table flag
9.7. The Banner (vertical, horizontal versions)
9.8. Mug
9.9. Cup and saucer
9.10. Lighter
9.11. Pen
9.12. Ashtray
9.13. Keychain
9.14. Wall clock
9.15. Diary
9.16. Notepad
9.17. Business Card Holder
9.18. Shopping bag (plastic, paper)
9.19. Sticker (with/without address)
9.20. Stand for coins
9.21. Post-it cube block

10. The External Identification
10.1. Sign-board
10.2. Opening hours sign-board
10.3. Street signs
10.4. Stele

11. Internal (in-store) Identification
11.1. Pointers
11.2. Tablets, signs
11.3. Price tags

12. Outdoor Advertising
12.1. Billboard 6x3
12.2 . Advertising banner
12.3. Light box

13. Transport advertisement
13.1. Car
13.2. Truck

14. Terminology used in BrandBook

15. Contact Information

Advantages of Z&G. Branding:
1. We offer the professional approach to Brand Book design, what is proved by number of Russian and International Awards: 'Logolounge' (USA), 'Advision Awards' (USA), 'Granddesigno' (Russia), 'IDEA!' (Russia), 'MIAF' (Russia) .

2. Our Strong Advantage is Result. We are working on your project until you say 'Agreed'! We are not simply providing the certain number of options, and ask to pay for developing more, we are working for Result!

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